Diverse & Creative

We are a diverse group of innovators, each well equipped with marketing and design knowledge that will take your brand to the next level!

The Team

prasath kanagaras

The founder. The boss. PK is very passionate when it comes to branding and he is a certified trainer as well.

Ruburn raju

Ruburn is a very detailed project manager and gets the work done towards completion. He compromises nothing but perfection.

Kanchala manoharan

The all-rounder that assists everyone at the right time. She is more vocal towards PK Speaks and the training division.

naveen ruben

Naveen adds extra quality in every single work that happens in the office. He is creative, and is our content Prince.

Aiman Nabil

He is creative with fresh ideas that always leads us to think about the bigger picture. There’s magic in his designs.


The silent killer is full of creativity. His magical touches add value to the work done in the office.