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Providing Strategic Solutions for Advertisers

Point Blank Mediaworks is a Media Agency that supports the growth of advertising industry by providing Strategic Media Management for Advertiser’s marketing strategies. We are passionate about what we do and we humbly started this mission in early 2010. We meet clients’ needs from start to finish, offering clients the most compelling medium to sell customer’s products effectively and economically. We shape advertisers marketing strategy to great heights, using the guidelines of Right Success.

Our Tagline : Go Big, Go Global.

Our Mission

We will use every tool at our disposal to positively impact the bottom line of our clients’ organizations. We will use classic advertising and public relations strategies, combined with digital and social media tactics to achieve our clients’ goals. Mixed with clutter-cutting creative concepts in cost-effective ways, we will ensure our client relationships are mutually beneficial and stand the test of time. We want to be most passionately referred agency in the Advertising & Media Industry, while striving to provide our clients with the optimum service they deserve. Service is the heart of our business, using Right Success.

Our Vision

We have a vision to become a major, diversified, transnational, integrated media company, with leadership and a strong business conscience. We will play a critical role in Business Advancements, locally and globally. We want to grow together with our clients, by meeting their marketing vision and mission too. Our scope reaches across borders and our way of developing client-marketing solutions exceeds industry standards.

Our Values

For us, each client is special. We take a lot of time in understanding their needs and then tailor our end product accordingly. All through, you will enjoy the ease of communication that exists without compromising on professionalism. Our team will maintain integrity with clients, consumers, vendors and members of the media at all times. Each of us will put our clients’ success on equal footing with our own and will endeavor to “do the right thing” every time. We will face our daily challenges with honest, heartfelt communication and will always use the truth as our ultimate selling tool.

Most importantly, we do things with Passion. We love what we do.