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Our Expertise



Out of Home / Outdoor Advertising

We believe strongly that no matter how big social media grows, OOH will never face its end. An outdoor exposure is always undeniable at anytime. Corporate Image? Directional? Location based Promotion? New outlet Launch? Drivers? Or do you want to reach thousands of audiences everyday repeatedly? OOH will never fail you!  Our experts are passionately excited to assist you on the strategy part, cost effectively!


Event Planning

This is an impactful marketing tool that all brands should consider too, if you’d like to engage with your market on the ground. It can be in many forms such as Product Demonstration, Product Sampling, Survey Marketing, Flyers Distribution and even Guerrilla Marketing. Imagine your brand being introduced at every area you walk, drive or even shop. Our experts are well-trained to bring your brand as per your dream strategic plans!


Social Media

This is new, and LIVE. We identify current trends and topics of conversations relevant to your business, brand, service or industry, identifying opportunities to engage with existing and potential customers, and to understand the current market perception and spot any trends or unmet needs within the sector. Whether you already have a social media team in place or are building an online community from scratch, our team can provide you with tools and commercial and strategic input to ensure that your social media campaigns are impactful, cost effective and delivered on your social media, advertising and business objectives. Our Social Media experts can make your presence stronger and impactful!


HR Marketing

HR marketing can be in two (2) forms; Vacancy Ads and Employment Branding. Creating a simplified Job Vacancy Ads for newspapers or online advertising platform is something normal. But have you considered strengthening your Employment Brand? Will you agree with us if we say it plays a vital role in your brand’s Corporate Image? Creative and Strategic Employing options? We are experts in handling that for all types of advertisers. Let our experts bring your brand to the next level!


Mainstream Advertising

As much as our Advertising industry is experiencing great innovation, we cannot downgrade our mainstream media. We don’t agree to the fact that mainstream media is no longer as useful as before. It is still the best if you use them wisely, with some integrated marketing plans. It is time to use them strategically, at the right spot, right time with the right message. Allow our experts to guide you on this, we’ll show you more ideas for you to consider!


Branding & PR Strategy

If you’re an established firm, the next step is simply on how you handle your Branding & PR activities. How to build and shape up your brand. How to make it as an unforgettable brand? What’s the brand story behind it? What’s your Brand Promise and Brand Architecture that will assist your Brand’s PR works out there? How should people see your brand as? How does the press speak about your brand? What is your Indirect & Direct PR communications plan with the audiences?  Our experts love this topic!


Corporate Social Responsibility

This is something we love to do. Giving back to society is something what everyone in Point Blank Mediaworks agree to commit. We have many plans, to communicate and seek and understand what people want. We believe by giving, a brand is now building its sincere relationship with everyone directly and indirectly. We can deal with these plans personally for the greatness of your brand, and for humanity.